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Chuyển giao máy khắc tiêu bản nano


Trading Services Technology Co., Ltd. installed and transferred the Dilase laser (model DILASE 650) engraving system of Kloé france at the semiconductor clean room.

The High resolution direct laser lithography system Dilase 650 offers you the possibility to work with one or two writing lasers, to be focused into one to two beam sizes ranging from 1µm to 50 µm. It allows the writing on any type of substrate (photomasks, semiconductors, glass, polymers, crystals, flexible films…) over a surface area as large as 6 inches.

  • An innovative technology
  • Dilase experience
  • High aspect ratio
  • Softwares
  • Performance and features
Experts bring machines into the installation area
Expert installation and installation instructions for company technicians
Chuyển giao máy khắc tiêu bản nano
Expert and company technical team take souvenir photos with the company technicians